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The Secret of Glaston Tor

secret-coverThe first Glaston Chronicles book – The Secret of Glaston Tor is still available for purchase as a paperback/softcover

This book is particularly meant for 11-14 year olds, but can also be read by older young people and also by adults.

It is the first book in a series which will chart the adventures of three cousins, Matt, Luke and Annie, and Anniexs dog, Toby, as they learn the secret of Glastonbury Tor and embark on a series of time-travelling adventures.

The Secret of Glaston Tor is 8 in. x 5 in. has 238 pages and costs $11.99 / £7.99 / x11.99, plus shipping.

To order a copy of the book please click here:

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You can read commendations of The Secret of Glaston Tor here … (scroll down):

The Secret of Glaston Tor

Fifteen year old Matt Bergin is staying in Glastonbury for Christmas with his cousins, Luke and Annie Martin. Matt feels drawn to Glastonbury Tor, and St Michaelxs Tower, which crowns its summit. The cousins learn the secret of Glaston Tor and find themselves propelled back in time to 1940s France and the Second World War.

They are given a mission by an enigmatic stranger, who asks them to help a young German couple and their son escape from wartime France. But the fearsome Gestapo are on their trail.

Matt and his cousins will discover that their destinies are intimately linked to this family, and to a mysterious young stranger who will stop at nothing to learn their secret.

With a compelling plot, captivating characters, suspense, excitement and ever-present danger, The Secret of Glaston Tor will take you on an incredible journey into the past, present, and future ? and into the never-ending battle between good and evil . . .

The Secret of Glaston Tor is 8 in. x 5 in. has 238 pages and costs $11.99 / £7.99 / 11.99 euros, plus shipping.

God bless,


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National Pilgrim Virgin Statue in Southwark Archdiocese during November and December 2015

The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue will be visiting various parishes in Southwark Archdiocese during November and December 2015 – please see the attached flyer for details. statue-southwark-nov-dec-2015

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With a Broken Heart …Archbishop Samir of Damascus …

WITH A BROKEN HEART – the Latest letter from Archbishop Samir of Damascus about the terrible situation in his country for our fellow Christians …

The more we talk of Geneva II for peace in Syria, the further the war becomes more violent and more suffering …

It is a typical game that makes each party seeking to improve her position on the ground before reaching the final solution …

This scenario does not take into consideration the poor people caught in the crossfire .. The third year of this global conflict, plunges into greater misery against the inability of the UN …

This heavy Calvary crushes the FAMILY, as cell who resisted the violence… Because it is weakened by war and insecurity, the family can no longer save nor protect.

The Syrian family watches with sadness the dubious silence and the indifference of the international society toward her cruel and unending tragedy.

A father who has lost everything came to the church to complain aloud: “I have no home I lost all my family … They are dispersed among cousins .. I do not have work… I’m hungry … I’m sick without medications… What is the Church for me? You cannot protect me or find me a shelter, or get me a visa to leave the country … ”
“I am like a beetle at the bottom of a cup who cannot get out and keep turning in circles until dying at the bottom of its hole .. This is what I am,” said the gentleman leaving angrily the archdiocese …

Many Syrians are like this man … They turn around at the bottom of their holes… All the doors are closed … They face their fate in an accusing silent…

A mother who fled the bombing of her village with her four children was forced after five hours of walking in the mountains and valley to abandon her two small kids on the way. She arrived breathless with the two elders at the place of refuge in Lebanon, crying her two little abandoned because she couldn’t carry them with her … She had to choose between the death of all of them and the survival of a part … A terrible choice and a cruel situation.

What an awful war…How could we imagine the suffering of this mother forced to abandon two of her children to save the two others? Who would better comfort her broken heart more than Our Lady of Sorrows? This heartbreaking scene rejoins Mary at the foot of the Cross…

In a meeting for the bishops of the Middle East, the Apostolic Nuncio listened to the woes of these different countries, and evoked an ecumenical suffering that is uniting in the same Calvary all the Christians of the East…Difficult, painful and providential path of unity.
The long list of refugees in the Middle East is growing, added by more than six million Syrian refugees … Ecumenism of the exiled without labels, Christians and Muslims …

Could this suffering lead to a reconciliation between the religions and the people of the Middle East?


June 2013                                                 + Samir Nassar
Maronite Archbishop of Damascus

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First Saturday of August

Saturday week, 4th August, is the First Saturday of the coming month.

Along with praying the Rosary daily, doing the Fatima Five First Saturdays devotion of reparation is the best way to fulfil Our Lady’s requests at Fatima, and so bring about the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the period of peace for the world.

The picture is from the Procession of Our Lady’s statue back to Capelhina after the recent 13th July celebrations.

For more information see:

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Mischievous Belloc quote

I came across this rather intriguing quote from Hilaire Belloc, but don’t know its ultimate source:

“To be a good catholic, one must be a strong man; that is why so many women are good Catholics.”

I’m not sure what he meant but maybe he was just being a bit mischievous?

(Found it in Fr Bede Jarrett’s Meditations for Layfolk, page 411, “Decisions”).


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May Fatima Five First Saturdays devotion

This is a reminder about the Fatima Five First Saturdays devotion, since the coming Saturday is the first Saturday of May.

This is one of the major ways (along with saying the Rosary daily) for Catholics to fulfil Our Lady’s requests and thus bring about the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the period of peace for the world.

For more information see:

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Book Review: Medjugorje Revisited by Donal Anthony Foley

Book Review: Medjugorje Revisited by Donal Anthony Foley

This new review can be seen via Te Deum Laludamus, the blog by Diane M. Korzeniewski, OCDS

“Some Background and Thoughts – In 2006, British author, Donal Anthony Foley, released the book, Understanding Medjugorje: Heavenly Visions or Religious Illusions? Last year, in 2011, Foley released the updated, revised, and expanded version of that book under the title: MEDJUGORJE REVISITED: 30 Years of Visions or Religious Fraud? It has a foreword by Mariologist, Rev. Manfred Hauke and the preface was written by Patrick Coffin.

I often get emails from people who are discerning whether to visit Medjugorje, or who feel conflicted. When they search, they end up at the most popular sites at the top of the search list which offer an uncritical view of events in favor of signs, wonders, and good fruits. This not only comes to the exclusion of bad fruits; it has blossomed into an alliance within the entire movement which pits the “gospa” of Medjugorje against the local bishops …”

To see the rest of the review, please visit this link:

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