Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration to Walsingham on Saturday July 13th 2013

Here is a message from Antonia Moffat about the Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration to Walsingham on Saturday July 13th 2013:

walsinghamDear Friends,

I have thought to email you in advance of the Pilgrimages on Saturday July 13th 2013.  This Pilgrimage is to be the last one I will organise as a resident of Walsingham itself as I am to move towards the end of August 2013 ……am in the process of selling my house….among other things!!!

When ‘England goes back to Walsingham, Our Lady will come back to England’ has always been at the forefront of my mission and apostolic work here. I am also keenly aware of the ancient connection of Walsingham with the Holy Land and the Middle East. During the crusades when pilgrims could not travel to the Holy Land they came for all over Europe and this country to Walsingham. I like to think that the intercession of the pilgrims of old have helped open up the grace of the friendship and communication with various people in the Middle East especially with the Archbishop of Damascus, Syria.  This is why …Walsingham is known as ‘England’s Nazareth’.

I have organised Pilgrimages of Reparation and Consecration at the various Shrines of Our Blessed Lady and St. Padre Pio with the help of faithful local organizers across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for the past 20 years…

Who would believe it that 20 years has passed by … and the need for prayer for our Isles is greater than ever!! However we believe in faith that our Pilgrimages have sown many seeds and laid firm foundations

for the renewal of our beloved Catholic Faith in our lands in the future. This must be a realisation of great hope for us.

Every year since their inception these Pilgrimages have been graced with a Papal Blessing – we must never underestimate the power of these Papal Blessings and our continuous intense and deep union of prayer with our beloved Holy Father.

I have already the Papal Blessing we have received for this year’s pilgrimages from Pope Francis….it is beautiful and moving..

The Poster for this year’s Pilgrimage can be downloaded here:


These Pilgrimages also provided the platform for the Pilgrim Tour of Our Lady of Reconciliation to tour the Dioceses of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for over 14 years in a mission of ‘Reconciliation through Reparation’.

This statue was blessed by our beloved Blessed Pope John Paul II on September 24th 1997 Feast of Our Lady of Ransom/Walsingham, for this purpose and intention and extended the prayer of the Pilgrimages of Reparation and Consecration far further than our annual Pilgrimages at the various Shrines. For the past two years the Pilgrim Statue has been here in Walsingham at various venues and I now need to find a more permanent home for her.

Sadly and it is a great sadness to me ..she is not wanted in her own Chapel here in Walsingham – the Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation. I am broken hearted over this ..yet in faith I Trust that the Lord has some place even better for his blessed Mother Our Lady of Reconciliation where she will be honoured and who embodies the reconciling mission of Our Lady of Walsingham for the conversion of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and beyond to faith in Jesus Christ.

Our theme for the pilgrimages this year .. For the stability and protection of Marriage and the Family as the foundation of human life and society and in Intercession for the intentions of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary for Pope Francis and the renewal of the Church and for the peace of the World is very timely…it is my joy to be able to unite with you all in prayer for this great intention.

I think I have mentioned already that I am to move from Walsingham very soon …. this does not mean that my mission with Our Lady of Walsingham finishes…it just means that it will be taking a different lead and way…

In the light of this I have decided that this year’s 20th Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration here in Walsingham will be the last one… There is a sense of completion about the mission God intended for them.

These pilgrimages were begun in commemoration of the 1948 Pilgrimages of the Crosses  to Walsingham which culminated in the Act of Consecration of England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary  by Cardinal Griffin and all the Bishops of England and Wales in the Abbey Grounds Walsingham on the very spot of the Original Shrine. The date of the Pilgrimage was July 16th …Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 1948.  And what a grace we are to receive in this Diocese on July 16th 2013 when our 4th Bishop of East Anglia is installed … Bishop Alan Hopes…Our Lady of Walsingham has surely won for us a “Shepherd after Christ’s own heart” which was written in the prayer we all prayed to obtain from God a worthy Shepherd….Bishop Michael himself wrote this prayer I was told…a beautiful prayer to pray for a new Bishop.

… What needs to happen now is that the Bishops renew the Act of Consecration of England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary …we the clergy and laity can do no more.  The graces which God wishes to grant the Church in these times will come when the Bishops of each Country consecrate their Nation and church to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These Acts of Consecration are integral to the Peace Plan of Our Lady Queen of Peace for these times…

Heaven is awaiting their response, and act of faith and trust in the powerful Intercession of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. We continue to pray…

It is with very great gratitude to God and his Holy Mother that I give thanks for all the Pilgrims, Organisers, Priests and Shrines and others involved over the 20 years who have faithfully organised/attended this great union of prayer through uniting in Pilgrimages at the various shrines. In the early years we had Knock involved and other Shrines who joined us as a one off. Only in Heaven will you all know the joy and solace you gave the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through these Pilgrimages and what graces were granted to the Church and especially our beloved Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious and to our Countries and Peoples.

I deeply sense that we are moving into new times which may be very difficult for us all. We will need great TRUST in Merciful Jesus and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary … I believe that the persecuted Church of the Middle East is showing us the way and has done for many centuries as to how to remain faithful during times of persecution. Sadly in the West few people have understood the need for voluntary Reparation and Consecration – we have done our best  – and  there comes a time when many more people will learn about Reparation through suffering….and the circumstances they find themselves in….

I think you will understand what I am saying here.

Our blessed Mother down the centuries has pleaded with us for Prayer, Repentance, Penance, Reparation, Adoration and Consecration – sadly her pleas have for the most part gone unheard and this is why her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart is heavy with sorrow, grief and great compassion as she beholds her children straying from the ways of the true God and with a longing so great for the salvation of each individual soul that her heart almost breaks…

In the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph and it will herald in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus.

All in God’s time ..for we do not know the day or the hour…the only question each one needs to ask of oneself individually …is… am I ready to meet the Lord….???

With great gratitude to God for these 20 years of Pilgrimages of Reparation and Consecration

with much love and prayer


Coordinator of the Pilgrimages of Reparation and Consecration at Shrines across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

Organizer of the Walsingham Pilgrimage


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