Act of Consecration of Syria to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart…

This is a message sent by Antonia Moffat, who has been in touch with the Archbishop of Damascus, in Syria, where Christians are suffering so much:

Mgr-samir-nassarDear Friends of Our Blessed Mother and Merciful Jesus,

This is a very serious email I am sending you but also one which
carries great HOPE!

The situation in Syria, the Middle East and in many parts of the World
is deteriorating. Humanly speaking we in many of the trouble spots of
the world we are in a ‘hopeless situation’. The situation of unbelief
in Western Europe has had catastrophic Consequences and continues to
do so. Marriage and Family the very foundation of the Family is under
persistent and severe attack. Millions of unborn babies continue to be
slaughter upon the altars of godlessness, selfishness and ignorance.
Our beloved Church is under attacked, our clergy and Bishops and lay
faithful too who try to remain faithful to Christ and the truths he

Our Lady’s tears around the world are profuse and the suffering of her
sorrowful and immaculate Heart amidst her suffering sons and daughters
is beyond what any of us can fathom. The peoples in Syria are bleeding
daily in anguish of spirit, heart, mind, and body.

Archbishop Samir Nassar, the Archbishop of Damascus has just sent me
the following confirmation re Renewal of his Act of Consecration of
Syria to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart…

Merci chere Antonia de votre fidélité et soutien à nos petites
communautés en difficulté. La consécration au Coeur Immaculé de Marie
sera renouvelée le 26 Mai 2013 à Damas à 18h, les photos et la prière
sont imprimées à 2000 exemplaires. +Samir NASSAR

Thank you dear Antonia for your fidelity and support of our small
communities in difficulty. The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of
Mary will be renewed on May 26th 2013 in Damascus at 6pm. Pictures and
2000 of the prayer have been printed. +Archbishop Samir Nassar

I am asking you as last time to mobilize an enormous Mountain of
Prayer around the World in support of Archbishop Samir as he prepares
to renew the Act of Consecration Syria to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
which he first carried out in his Cathedral on August 15th 2012 -Feast
of the Assumption.

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One response to “Act of Consecration of Syria to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart…

  1. The same act of consecration, was done today, here in Fatima (Portugal) by the Archbishop Samir Nassar – who was invited by the ACN (Aid to the Church in Need) to speak about the situation of the Christians in Syria.

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