Mischievous Belloc quote

I came across this rather intriguing quote from Hilaire Belloc, but don’t know its ultimate source:

“To be a good catholic, one must be a strong man; that is why so many women are good Catholics.”

I’m not sure what he meant but maybe he was just being a bit mischievous?

(Found it in Fr Bede Jarrett’s Meditations for Layfolk, page 411, “Decisions”).


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2 responses to “Mischievous Belloc quote

  1. Donal, I was the only girl in the family; I had three brothers. Once when my dad was introducing us to someone he said, “This is my son Dale, this is Larry, and this is Gary. This is my daughter, Denise; she is the only real son I have.” I was tough as nails but very feminine as well. And, I am the only sibling alive that has not left the Church.

    Maybe my dad meant the same thing as Belloc but I can’t ask him because he is no longer with us.

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