Daylight magazine – the Creation-Evolution debate

Daylight magazine

The Daylight Origins society is concerned with the Creation-Evolution debate, and produces a magazine well worth subscribing to.

In 2007 there was a focus on Daylight setting up a new website with all the ‘Daylight’ magazines from 1977 onwards being made available for free online.

In 2011 an improved new subscribers magazine was relaunched in January under the continued direction of Anthony Nevard with additional support from an inspired and active group from Ireland.

Supporters include clergy, religious, scientists, doctors, teachers, academics, other professionals and lay folk.

Funded by subscriptions, donations and sales of publications, the Society publishes a regular magazine called ‘DAYLIGHT’ for subscribers in 20 countries; also produces and distributes pamphlets.

It also provides a mail order service for literature and audiovisual materials, and advice on resources and information, and organises private and public meetings and talks, as well as promoting links with Catholic Origins Societies and activists in other countries such as The Kolbe Center in the U.S.

Its aims are: to inform Catholics and others of the scientific evidence supporting Special Creation as opposed to Evolution, and to show that the true discoveries of science are in conformity with Catholic doctrines.

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