Foyer of Charity Retreat

The next Foyer retreat is a special opportunity to share in the life of the Foyer de Charité of Tressaint, in Brittany, which is easily reached from Britain, Ireland, or Jersey.

The retreat will be preached by Fr David Hartley and Fr Tom Dubois. It is called ‘fundamental retreat’ because it surveys all the fundamental points of our Catholic faith.

The community will all look after the retreatants and pray for them. Their work and life style witness in action to what the retreat is preaching in words.

The retreat will begin on Sunday 15th April with dinner at 7.30 pm and end on Saturday 21 st at 2 pm. Like all Foyer de Charité retreats, it will be in total silence with three talks each day, and worship with the community.

Retreatants are required to stay for the whole retreat. Blankets and pillows are provided by the Foyer, but retreatants are asked to bring their own sheets. If this is not possible, you can rent sheets on arrival.

Retreatants will enjoy delicious home-cooked meals prepared by members of the Foyer community. If, for medical reasons, you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

For more information about the retreat, a booking form can be downloaded from:

See also: or email

If you are looking for a spiritual break, away from everything, in a beacutiful atmosphere, a Foyer retreat is ideal. The picture is of Marthe Robin, the co-foundress of the Foyers of Charity.


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  1. sound really nice. Everyone can use a retreat at some point

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