December Five First Saturdays devotion

December Five First Saturdays devotion

Next Saturday is the first Saturday of December – if you are doing the Fatima Five First Saturdays devotion, this is meant as a reminder, and if you aren’t doing them, well maybe this will prompt you to start doing so!

Doing the Fatima Five First Saturdays is one of the major ways (along with saying the Rosary daily) for Catholics to fulfil Our Lady’s requests and thus bring about the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the period of peace for the world.

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7 responses to “December Five First Saturdays devotion

  1. Another major way to honor Mary is the say the Angelus each day. The Magisterium seems to recommend it as the best Marian devotion, at least that’s my impression (I could be wrong), here:

  2. Mireya

    Hello Donal, it is interesting that the approved appartion of Cuapa in Nicaragua was also encouraging to pray the Rosary everyday in family, to go back to the first five Saturday devotions and to make peace. The apparition is approved by the Bishop of the place, and by the National Bishops Conference of Nicaragua. Take a look at their website it is in Spanish but I i am hoping they have English translation somewhere;

  3. Thanks Mire – I need to look again at the details of Cuapa, but any encouragement of the rosary and the Five First Saturdays is welcome!
    God bless,

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