Sr Lucia did not confirm Medjugorje as authentic

Sr Lucia did not confirm Medjugorje as authentic

There have been recent claims that Sr Lucia of Fatima “Saw & Confirmed Apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje” as reported on the Ministry Values website in July 2011, which were repeated later on the Medjugorje Miracles site.

However, when Mrs Hildegard Alles wrote to the Fatima shrine authorities in 1998, she was told by Fr Cristino, the director of SESDI, that ‘the affirmation [that] Our Lady of Fatima speaks with Sr. Lucia about what she does in Medjugorje” is completely false.’

A PDF of this letter is available here:

(the only change made to this letter is that the details of Mrs Alles’s address has been blocked out)

Mrs Alles also wrote to Sr Maria de Carmo at the Coimbra Carmel where Sr Lucia was living, in December 1998, to enquire about the claim that “Sr. Lucia’s Spiritual Director,” , had stated that Sr. Lucia had said that it was “not the Virgin Mary appearing in Medjugorje”.

Sr Maria de Carmo responded in a handwritten letter dated 21 December, stating that in fact Fr Coelho wasn’t Sr Lucia’s spiritual director, and that Sr Lucia had said nothing either for or against Medjugorje.



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3 responses to “Sr Lucia did not confirm Medjugorje as authentic

  1. Donal, thanks for the information. Have a blessed Advent.
    God bless you!

  2. Servant of God Lucia Santos, pray for us!

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