How to Evangelise during Advent

How to Evangelise during Advent

Sad but true – Christ is often the one person who is NOT invited to his own birthday party at Christmas. You will find the jolly man in the red suit plenty of polar bears, reindeer, elves and fairies but little sign of the Son of God. Do your bit to put Christ back where he belongs with these simple ideas during advent:

  • Send only religious Christmas cards OR put a religious sticker in a non-religious card.
  • Put a religious “nativity” picture on your PC or laptop at home and at work.
  • Never write “Xmas”, put CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS.
  • Give a religious book, DVD, CD or small CTS booklet as a Christmas present – Godparents or sponsors take note especially.
  • Make a Nativity scene the main item of your home Christmas decorations.
  • Put a religious picture, Christmas card or leaflet into junk mail reply-paid envelopes and send them back – do this for utility bill envelopes as well. Somebody somewhere will read it.
  • Many foreign students or visitors are in your parish away from home this Christmas – invite somebody over for Christmas day or any day during the holidays.
  • If you know of any parishioner alone at home at Christmas, invite them over or go and visit them with a card or present.
  • Make copies of the Christmas Mass times leaflet and put it though every door on your street.
  • Treat Advent like Lent (it is actually a “mini-Lent”) by giving up some luxury – it will taste nicer when Christmas arrives.
  • Attend weekday mass at least once during the week.
  • Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be when getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  • Pray the Angelus at midday
  • Don’t stress out – take it easy, reclaim advent as a spiritual time.
  • Don’t join the spend-fest – set a budget, then limit yourself to it.
  • Pick a spiritual book to read during advent.

(This list, apart from the bit about putting spiritual items in junk mail, comes from my friend Alan Horgan – we are on the Evangelisation Group at the Church of the Assumption, Beeston, Nottingham, England)


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2 responses to “How to Evangelise during Advent

  1. Other ways to evangelize during Advent and Christmas:
    Advent and Christmas wreaths
    Advent processions
    Christmas Novena
    Novena of the Immaculate Conception
    Christmas carols
    Christmas trees
    Christmas suppers
    Blessing of the family home and table
    Acts of Supererogation

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