Five First Saturdays devotion

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of November – if you are doing the Fatima Five First Saturdays devotion, this is a reminder, and if you aren’t doing them, well maybe this will prompt you to start doing so!

Doing the Fatima Five First Saturdays is one of the major ways (along with saying the Rosary daily) for Catholics to fulfil Our Lady’s requests and thus bring about the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the period of peace for the world. That’s how important this devotion is.

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2 responses to “Five First Saturdays devotion

  1. I tried to do the Nine First Fridays, than Five First Saturdays. Never could complete the devotions.

    Fortunately, there are hundreds of other devotions I can do for Jesus and Mary.

  2. However the two you mention are very important and if you can complete either of them then you have the assurance of dying in the state of grace.

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