Miracle of the Sun at Fatima?

I was in Fatima last month and visited the Dominican Sisters at the Pius XII monastery. Speaking to some of the Sisters, one of them mentioned that in May, during the celebrations at the shrine for the Beatification of Pope John Paul II, people saw a strange halo, or “round rainbow” around the sun, as in the picture accompanying this post, which is a still from a video camera. It has been described as projecting colours, and various people claimed they could easily look at the sun, and that it became small like a host.

The sister I spoke to, who is enclosed and was thus at the convent, said that a friend phoned them to say what was happening. She went outside and saw the sun as small and host-like, and then surrounded by beautiful coloured clouds – golden, blue, pink – for a brief period. She went back inside and saw that the glass windows at the end of the nave (which faces away from the sanctuary) had changed to a pink colour which lasted about 10 minutes.  She is a level headed person, so this seems like a reliable report, and certainly should make us ponder. I feel it makes sense in the light of the profound link between John Paul II and Fatima. And of course it reinforces the fact that the oringinal miracle of the sun at Fatima in October 1917 was an incredible event and the Fatima message is more relevant than ever.

(The Pius XII sisters could do with more vocations! Their web address is: http://www.fatima-dominicans.com/)




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2 responses to “Miracle of the Sun at Fatima?

  1. Wait on Church judgment, don’t get carried away like some souls have done at Medjugorje and other places reported to have the Miracle of the Sun.
    Having seen copies of photographs of the Miracle of the Sun, I can say for certain no such miracle is able to be photographed. It would be a miracle in itself if such a thing was able to be done. And you know how rare miracles are.

  2. forourlady

    I don’t doubt it at all. I suppose more signs are needed to convince people of the message at Fatima. At this point, I’m just trying to live the message as much as possible.
    Nice post!

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